Feet of Clay
      24 March – 30 April 2018

If you're pakeha, the idea of ‘classicism’ permeates throughout the entire history of western art. It’s troublesome though. And this fascinating show explores both its historical narrative – it’s not really a philosophy, a defined story, or a ‘movement’ at all – and its relevance to contemporary art. 

Abdul Abdhulla Bringer of Light 2017

Abdul Abdhulla
Bringer of Light 2017


So what is it about classicism that’s so appealing to artists – either to celebrate and explore, or shoot down as the root of all (western) evils? Brought to life in a brilliant essay by Andrew Paul Wood, Feet of Clay tries to answer that very question. Combining pottery and painting, this show is the second curated by Scott Lawrie, Director of the Vivian. 


From Salvator Rosa (1615-73) and Bronwyn Cornish, to Abdul Abdhulla and Paul Maseyk (and including some outstanding private work by Anthony Morris offered for public sale for the first time) this promises to be a ripper of a show – don’t miss it.