Aaron Scythe
      Pop Pachimon ポップ・パチもん
24 March – 29 April 2018

Welcome to one of the most delightful shows of the year! Aaron Scythe (b.1971) is one of New Zealand’s most fascinating ceramic artists.

Born in Auckland, Aaron discovered Japanese pottery techniques for the first time while he was studying in Sydney.

This fascination ultimately led him to build his own kiln to experiment and explore traditional shino glazes. Visiting Japan for the first time in 1995, Aaron studied under Koie Ryoiji at his Kamiyahagi studio, working the Mino style of pottery. Thus began a life-long love affair with Japanese culture, while never quite losing his kiwi ingenuity and quirkiness (if you look closely, you can spot Maori words and occasional birds and mountain motifs in his work.)

Aaron has enjoyed over 60-major international solo shows to date, and his work is held in many significant collections.This show, Pop Pachimon, was created by hand in his Whanganui studio, entirely for The Vivian. It demonstrates the genius and passion of a young potter stretching the boundaries of his practice… in his own unique ‘hip-hop’ style. Get yourself something truly special, before it sells out!

Aaron Scythe

Images © Craig Ray


      Aaron Scythe - Feet of Clay

Scott Lawrie introduces Aaron's work as part of the Feet of Clay show. Running from the 24 March – 29 April 2018

    Aaron Scythe - Artist Q&A

We caught up with Aaron during the opening weekend of his 'Pop Pachimon' show and talked about his practice.

Video © origincreative.co.nz

Aaron Scythe Tea Cups
      Tea Tasting

Thank you to everyone who came and took part in the fabulous tea tasting event. Thanks to Tea & Tonic Matakana , Aaron Scythe and all for making it a wonderful experience!

Aaron made 20 tea cups just for this occasion – and he was joined by a local tea expert for a 45-minute tea tasting. 

Images © Craig Ray