Represented Artists

We've chosen all our artists simply because of the calibre of their work – and the fact that we believe they add something special to the language of visual art.

        Iain Cheesman

Iain combines a love of words, hand-crafted canniness, and a passion for the preposterous – Iain Cheesman's work is a perennial favourite with visitors to The Vivian.

        Sally Gabori

Sally Gabori (c.1924–2015) was a leading contemporary Australian artist of the last decade, and remains one of the most highly regarded and sought after contemporary Australian artists.

        Rupert Herring

Rupert Herring is one of the youngest artists represented by The Vivian. Yet his skill as both a furniture-maker and sculptor speaks of a life-long respect for his love of wood. 

        Nicholas Ives

Based in Melbourne, Nicholas Ives comes to New Zealand and The Vivian stable with an admirable career consisting of solo and group shows in Australia and Los Angeles.

        Anthony Morris

Anthony Morris. A leading figure in the history of New Zealand pottery, Anthony is still based in Matakana – the village which The Vivian also calls home. 

        Patricia Piccinini

The Vivian is delighted to be representing Patricia Piccinini at the Auckland Art Fair, in conjunction with Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne.

      Featured Artists

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