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      Give them a gift to remember - forever

Gift Vouchers from The Vivian are a wonderful way to allow someone to choose a work of art they love – and support the work of our artists.

We’ve had so many requests for gift vouchers that we’ve decided to go for it and make them official! We’ll even personalise your voucher with a message from you to the lucky recipient. All our vouchers last for 12-months, and can be used for any purchase in the gallery!

Vouchers can’t be exchanged for cash, and are security coded for safety.

      Choose a voucher

Select the gift voucher value, leave us your details – including your phone number, and we’ll contact you to confirm the voucher details before sending it to you, or directly to your chosen recipient by email or post.

      Other amounts

If you would like to purchase a voucher for another amount please get in touch by calling 09 422 9995 or email us at thevivian@thevivian.co.nz.