Nicholas Ives

Based in Melbourne, Nicholas Ives comes to New Zealand and The Vivian stable with an admirable career consisting of solo and group shows in Australia and Los Angeles.

A finalist in the 2015 Doug Moran Portrait Prize, Nicholas (Nick) is a painter who embodies traditional painting techniques and supreme craftsmanship.

His work crosses boundaries between semi-formal representation and fluid dreamscapes – where pageantry, authority, and dark humour, are delightfully brought in to... semi-focus.

Revelling in the space between bold gestural statements and wavering uncertainty, these paintings often allow us brief moments of clarity; before teasing us into a narrative that we’re not sure we want to experience, let alone witness.

Unexpected, sometimes hilariously funny and always brilliantly executed, we are delighted to welcome Nick to New Zealand as his exclusive representative.

Nick will have his first solo show in New Zealand at The Vivian in 2019.

Nicholas Ives, Fuzzy Thoughts, 2017. 

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