Rupert Herring

Rupert Herring is one of the youngest artists represented by The Vivian. Yet his skill as both a furniture-maker and sculptor speaks of a life-long respect for his love of wood. 

Rupert’s love of recycled and upcycled native timbers – often from old colonial New Zealand houses – is apparent in everything he does. Treating his material with gentle respect, Rupert allows the wood to quietly shape the final outcome or form of the work.

In 2018, Rupert installed a major installation ‘Everyone is from somewhere else’ at The Vivian – consisting of small, individually hand-made chair forms. Painted in Resene Heritage Colours, each piece was hand-shaped to be reminiscent of spindles and balustrades in old colonial houses, and the work was a timely commentary on the idea of immigration and colonialism.

For the past few months, Rupert has been filming TVNZ’s 'Design Junkies', a new TV series where young designers put their skills on the line to compete and solve a set of challenges. The program airs on Thursdays, starting 3 May.

The Vivian will also represent Rupert at the Auckland Art Fair (23-28 May, 2018).

Photo  © Craig Ray

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