Anthony Morris
      LXXX - An Artist in the Making
8 September – 14 October 2018

To celebrate his 80th birthday, we’re proud to showcase the work of one of Matakana’s earliest creative pioneers in a major solo show.

Please join us at The Vivian in Matakana from 4-6pm on Saturday 8th September for a special community celebration to mark the opening of an inspirational show of work by legendary Matakana potter Anthony Morris. 

This journey began with a 50-year survey exhibition curated by Elizabeth McClure held at Morris & James last year. Seeing the work for the very first time, we felt it was of such significance to the history of New Zealand arts and crafts, that it deserved a place in The Vivian exhibition calendar. The title reflects a recent birthday by Ant, who at 80-year's old, is still practicing his craft in his studio – and never seems to tire.

This exhibition offers a broad panoramic view of the creative work of one of the founders of Morris & James, and shows both the incredible depth, influential scope, and masterful technical ability of his artistry.

From his series of delightfully raw Primitive and Dinka pots inspired by his travels to Africa, to his majestically tall Cretan pots, and of course his hauntingly beautiful ‘Shades’ series, Ant has also created a new foyer installation of recent work.

A selection of Anthony's glass work is also on display at ArtForm in Matakana.

      Show Catalogue

Anthony Morris - Courtesy of the Anthony Morris Studio


        Opening Event / Speeches

Sights, sounds and speeches from the opening event on 8 September


LXXX - An Artist in the making runs from 8 September - 14 October.

      The Alchemy of Making

By Linda Tyler

Anthony (Ant) Morris is someone who teaches himself things by doing them. He is what is referred to in education as “a haptic learner”. While a powerful amount of reading gets done, when it comes to producing things, it is trial and error that wins out. His is a hands-on approach. Back in England in 1968, when he centred his first mound on the wheel, opened it up, and felt the gritty scouring of wet clay as it slid through his palms, he got hooked. Not just seduced by the sensation of mastering material and machine with mind, hand and eye, but also captured by the magic of transforming dirt into gold; the alchemy of making. Taking something unformed from the earth, and fashioning it into a shape that has a purposeful life - as a bowl, or a crock or a tile – bringing joy with its beauty and its utility - before returning to rest in that earth again.

Download the  PDF Catalogue to read the full essay by Linda Tyler.


      Full gallery coming soon

Full catalogue and gallery of works in this show coming soon... Until then here are some images of a few of the works featured in this show.


If you would like to enquire about a work featured in this show please contact us via the link below or call us on 09 422 9995

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You can download a summary of works contained in this show together with the show Catalogue.