State of Play
      How did we end up here?
16 December – 28 January 2018

Known for its colourful group shows, one of the traditional highlights of The Vivian calendar has been the annual showcase, State of Play. In this, the second of such shows, we’ve invited artists to submit work with no boundaries or curatorial premise – to create a small, but scintillating, snapshot of contemporary art in New Zealand.




Artists include:

Cathy Carter
Chris Charteris
Garry Currin
Vicki Fanning
Robbie Fraser
Sam Duckor-Jones
Richard Lewer
Ivan Lupi
David McCracken
Simon McIntyre
Paul Maseyk
Reuben Paterson
Hannah Valentine
Vivienne Worn
Wayne Youle


Subtitled ‘How did we end up here?’, the show explores the apparent lack of a singular movement or genre that binds New Zealand art together. Perhaps that’s no surprise. We live in a time of chaos, where we question what’s real, or perhaps more tellingly, what’s fake. And even in our quiet little corner of the planet, we’re not immune.

This show gladly turns away from all of that, however. It’s a bright, bold and creative celebration of the joys, rewards and general fabulousness of the work of some of our most exciting artists.