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        Ivan Lupi - X

Our first ever performance art event – Ivan kindly took part in this Artist Q&A - talking about his work and this performance.

        Anthony Morris

LXXX - An Artist in the Making - Opening Event - Speeches by Scott Lawrie and Anthony Morris.

        Anthony Morris

LXXX - An Artist in the Making
Trailer and invitation video to Anthony Morris - LXXX - An Artist in The Making.

        Ivan Lupi

In this short video Scott Lawrie talks about the upcoming performance art event at The Vivian with internationally renowned artist, Ivan Lupi.


The Junction Magazine - An in-depth feature on the past 12 months at The Vivian and insights into future shows and events at the gallery over the coming months.

        Fiona Pardington

Midnight at The Crossroads - Sights and sounds from the opening event of Fiona Pardington’s show at The Vivian, featuring Nathan & Jaimie Haines


A Line Between Two Points - Scott Lawrie, Director of The Vivian, introduces us to the show and talks about the work of Monique Lacey and Rebecca Wallis.

        Monique Lacey

If you missed the Artist Talk at The Vivian, we invited Monique back to talk about her practice, inspirations and methods behind her work featured in this show.

        Rebecca Wallis

Rebecca Wallis talks about her work and practice - the power and sensitivity of the work; cascading paint on silk, viewed from the reverse side of the surface.

        Emelia French

Never an Answer
We are delighted to have three works by Emelia French - with her eye-popping colourful eggshell designs.

        Tira Walsh

Never an Answer
Tira's work responds to the contemporary digital context in which we now view the world.

        Linda Tyler

Never an Answer
In this video Linda Tyler talks about the show and the representation of women in art.

        Peter Panyoczki

Feet of Clay I,I,III & IV
In this video we interview Peter about the series of 4 works he produced for the 'Feet of Clay' show. Recorded at his New Zealand studio in March 2018

        Rupert Herring

Blurring the boundaries between function and form. His work is created from rescued and bunched colonial carved spindles in painted native New Zealand timbers.

        Marion Maguire

Odysseus & Penelope
Marion Maguire's playful prints often reference Greek myths - Often including  contemporary notes and other references, such as Maori carvings.

        Abdul Abdullah

The Bringer of Light
Abdul Abdullah is one of Australia’s hottest young artists. The Bringer of Light, 2017 is the image we chose for all our posters for Feet of Clay, as it captures the ultimate question we curated the show around – is classicism even relevant to contemporary artists working today? 

        Anthony Morris

Cretan and Primitive Pots
Anthony Morris is a iconic kiwi ceramists with an international reputation. We are delighted to show some of his Crete and Primitive pots, inspired by his world travels. There are very few of these examples left in existence, so make sure you don’t miss out.

        Paul Maseyk

One Pot Wonder
Paul Maseyk's monumental work, 'One Pot Wonder' has become one of the stars of the Feet of Clay show. Standing over 2m high, and taking over 5-months to make and paint, it’s a work rarely seen outside of the major art institutions.

        Iain Cheesman

Is Nigh The End
We love Iain Cheesman’s work – and his fantastic sense of humour! ‘Is Nigh The End’ – two calf skins, held in place by cast bronze arrows, with punched out lettering – is his brilliant response to the premise for Feet of Clay.

        Aaron Scythe

Pop Pachimon
Oooh yeah baby... the exquisite work of Aaron Scythe - showing at Pop Pachimon Show. Here’s your chance to own an outstanding example of Kiwi/Japanese fusion ceramic art by the legend himself. 

        Sally Gabori

Sally Gabori's work explores the landscapes of her country, and her ancestral history. Deeply moving, honest, and raw, her work can be seen in important collections and major art galleries around the world.

        Aaron Scythe

Artist Q&A
How Exciting! - Our first Vivian Artist Q&A with the sensational Aaron Scythe - discussing his practice and methods. We'd love to hear what you think and if you'd like us to do more.

        Andrew Paul Wood

What is Classicism?
Here, Dr Andrew Paul Wood, author of the Feet of Clay essay, gives a quick overview of the origins and myths surrounding these Western ideals, which are still referenced by many contemporary artists today.

        Iain Cheesman

Iain has made a name for himself as an artist with his quirky, small-scale, and often very funny plastic sculptures. So The Vivian commissioned him to do a somewhat larger-scale work in steel. 

        Peter Panyoczki

Feet of Clay - 2 Min Tour
Take a sneak peek at the incredible work of New Zealand based artist, Peter Panyoczki. These 4 works are mixed media on aluminium and are available to view at The Vivian.

        Exodus Show

Exodus Show - 2 Min Tours
Thanks for your kind comments about our 2-min tours! Here, for your wine-in-hand viewing pleasure, is the full length video tour. Share away as much as you like. 

        Virginia Leonard

Night Nurse
A very special ceramic work - 'Night Nurse' by groundbreaking ceramic artist, Virginia Leonard. This piece was made for the Exodus show at The Vivian.